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40 years we enable the baker to find his own way
and get alone with our MATERIALS where he wants
satisfing his customers.

The commercial third-generation family business ISAIADIS BAKERY MATERIALS in fourty years continuous course presented at the bread industry:

  • 1974 - began distributing fat varieties improvement form
  • 1975 - pioneered in the production trials experienced by Europeans bakers in Greek bakeries
  • 1977 - began to import new enhancers powder
  • 1980 - promoted the French instant dry yeast
  • 1985 - first presented the German mixtures with cereal grains
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Our materials have the best position in the latest scientific and technological developments in the bakery industry,
certified in accordance with international rules of Quality assurance
Knead all the ingredients together for (20-30 minutes) depending on the QUANTITY AND SIZE OF TANK.

The FINAL FORM DOUGH It should have a smooth surface (KORDARISMENI) with temperature about (30 - 34 points) .

Bake at

a) REVOLVING OVEN with temp. 160 celsius ( for 35 - 45 min for 500gr. ) or (50 - 65 min for 750gr-1000gr. )

b) TAMPANOTO OVEN with temperature. Lower in (55 degrees) FROMBAKING BREAD Temp. FOR (40 - 50 minutes). . .